The woman that doesn’t require validation from any single person on the planet is the most feared woman on earth.

Your Future Begins With Your Next Thought…


Brace yourself.  Sit or lie somewhere comfortable and just close your eyes while you listen to this beautiful meditation.  Give yourself the full 33 minutes to listen in it’s entirety.  If you listen to this once a day for the next week… you will start to see the law of attraction work within your life. All you have to do is start to change the patterns and behaviors of any and all negative thoughts.  I personally have been wanting and desiring a big change in my life and I know that the direction of my thoughts will lead me in the positive direction that I want to go.  I will do anything and everything to let the universe know that this is what I want.  I will put myself in places I want to be.  I will surround myself with people that I love.  I will forgive those who have come and gone.  I will release all fears and doubts.  Anddd I will care so much about this change that I will take 33 minutes to myself every day for the next week to listen to this meditation.  I will begin now…

I hope you do too 🙂 I wish nothing but the best for those who may read this and for those that are open enough to listen. Enjoy!

DropxLife – “ShortxOrder” (Official Video)

Create your own story, live your own fantasy..


My Heart With You.

And I would wait a hundred more… the reason I survive…


Dust to Dust. The Civil Wars.

I will close my eyes.. and fall in love.. letting the melody run it’s course through my mind and flesh, making me fall deeper and deeper in love with the music that keeps me company.



Often in our existences, we see our dreams come undone and our desires frustrated, but we must continue to dream, otherwise our soul dies.



I struggle with feeling complacent sometimes, feeling like things and life aren’t changing or changing fast enough.  I try to live in the moment as much as I can but sometimes I do have to take a step back in order to hear my inner voice.  If WE continue to let ourselves get caught up and lost in ways in which deep down we struggle against then we lose our inner peace and don’t have the energy to “speak” out.  Mental.. Physical… Emotional… and SPIRITUAL balance is KEY to inner happiness.  Having the ability to recognize when that balance is off and making the effort to regroup and recenter is the most successful thing we as human beings can ever do in our lives.  Not a job, making money, the places you go, the things you do, the people you meet, … all these things will ultimately fail when YOU are off.  With a new year approaching, don’t wait until the last minute to make the biggest changes in your life.  Start taking care of yourself NOW.  Everything else will come naturally and you will succeed when you balance all the key elements to your own survival.


Relax. The year’s about to change, again.  The only comfort in this world that we need is God.. his warmth, protection, love and promise of a new life.  No longer a slave to the a world in which we are used to, rise above the expected and live among the light of your soul.  Free your mind and release your worry… no day is the last day in God’s plan.